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Pascal 'PiTTbuLL R0xX' Kruppa  id: 563764
Name Pascal Kruppa
Nick PiTTbuLL R0xX
Member since 05/08/03
Age / Gender 36 Years / male
Nationality  Germany
Territory Germany
Occupation Fachlagerist
Employer / University / School SGL Group - THE CARBON COMPANY
Main team viel zu 3st instant
Homepage http://signup.leagueoflegends...
Erfolge: Top5 GER/GER MR 15/INT 5on5 Ladder
1:30-1:33 zu sehen :D
History: ZORN | below Zero | | bioXar | Team w4iting | advanced Gamers united | ATROX GAMING.crowfire | EnRo GRIFFINS | OCRANA
Ace from P!TTbuLL by Splatt0  more...  
Level & Awards
  7 Awards  
Counter-Strike: Source
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Battlefield 3
CoD:MW2 (PC)
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