Female Cups

In irregular time intervals we plan Cups for you to give you the opportunity to compete with your opponents in 1on1 or team mode. All Cups will be announce in a news and can be found under/female/cups/. The prevailing admittance requirements can differ from Cup to Cup and are visible further down.

Who is allowed to play?

In principle, the Female Gaming Section is meant for female Players, exceptions are Cups like, for example, the Ladies Choice Cup. Female Players with residence in a Country that is part of Europe are allowed to participate in the Cups.

How can you contact us?

  • For reasons of time you have to use everytime IRC to contact us during a Cup.
    IRC (Quakenet): #esl.female
  • Besides you can use a Supportticket before and after a Cup. Supportticket
  • F.A.Q.

    Which rules are valid for the Female Cups?
    How can I sign up and how does the selection of the participants work?
    Demo request
    ESL Aequitas
    Why demos and Aequitas-Files don't have to be uploaded immediateley?
    Both teams don't possess a server!
    How long I have to wait when my opponent doesn´t show up?
    To remove a player/a team from a Cup