Chris Sidny 'sh4dow' Burghardt  id: 347852
CPU AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+
RAM 2048 DDR-2 800
Videocard ATI HD4670 Sapphire Ultimate 512mb
Soundcard PCI Logilink 5.1
Storage 200+500 gb SATAII + ca 10000gb Extern
Motherboard Biostar NF61S Micro AM2 SE
Display Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ
OS Windows 7 Home Premium
Mouse Logitech MX 518
Mouse Skatez SteelSeries MX Glides
Mousepad Roccat Taito
Keyboard logitech std
Headphones Sennheiser PC 350
Connection Arcor 2mbit + FP
Wheel/Pedals nope
Joypad nope
TV Philips 42* Full-HD
Sound system 5.1 DTS System
Console(s) ps3
Handheld(s) wtf?
Drink vodka-e, -bitterlemon, jägermeister-e
Food pizza, döner
Movie forrest gump
Music rnb and soul
Song Classical John Williams- Schindler's List Theme
Book keins
Book author keiner
Person mein schatz =)
Actor / Actress Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage
Car bugatti veron
Sport kraftsport
Athlete keiner
Map train, nuke
Clan mouZ
Player Antonio 'cyx' Daniloski
Game Hero Link
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Huren
Genre horror
Console ps3
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
+++ Clan: n!faculty
+++ Former Clans: Frankfurt 69ers (EPS 16), ESC Gaming (EPS 15, EPS 17), LeiSuRe (1st Div 15), a-Losers (EPS 14), gamed!de (EPS 13), Team Nordisch (EPS-Rele 12)
LOL KZH?!?!?! :D
Information about Hardware, Events and CS Settings here »

+++ Clan: n!faculty (EPS 18)
+++ Former Clans:
- ESC Gaming (EPS 17) #8 (shurik, neeky, seezung, jny)
- Frankfurt 69ers (EPS 16) #5 (shurik, neeky, seezung, jny)
- ESC Gaming (EPS 15) (todi, tankJR, d0m AZ, loomit)
- LeiSuRe (1st Div 15) (shurik, neeky, oeten, sniperwolf)
- a-Losers (EPS 14) #10 (zonnix, coLLy, ANT1, Milad[apathy])
- gamed!de (EPS 13) #7 (apathy, maKz, ceLL, zorn)
Nomination for Rookie of the Season 13
- Team Nordisch (EAS 12) #4 EPS-Rele (neeky, jr.mafia, swizz, shurik)

+++ Last Events:
- Intel Friday Night Game in Berlin 17.09.10 - ESC vs YDK
- Intel Friday Night Game in Köln 20.08.10 - ESC vs TBH
- Intel Friday Night Game in Hamburg 30.04.10 - 69ers vs mTw
- Intel Friday Night Game in Berlin 02.10.09 - ESC vs YDK
#3[5on5WWCL], #3[2on2WWCL] Northcon 2008 mit Mix (JR.Mafia, thOre, lehcim, sw!zz)
#5[5on5WWCL], #1[2on2WWCL] & #2[LPPT] Lanarena 16 2008 (michi, bast1, Hurricane,
#2[5on5WWCL], #3[2on2WWCL] Summit XI 2008 mit GAMED!DE (apathy, maKz, zorn, ceLL)
Top4 LAN-Relegation 2008 mit Team Nordisch (neeky, jr.mafia, swizz, shurik)
#7[5on5WWCL], #3[2on2WWCL] Summit X 2008 (neeky, jr.mafia, shurik, lilou)
#7[5on5] ESWC National Finals 2008 (neeky, jr.mafia, shurik, lilou)
#2[5on5WWCL] Alpha 2.0 2008 (rine, jr.mafia, shurik, lilou)
#2[5on5ESWC], #5[5on5WWCL] & #1[2on2WWCL] Northcon 2007 (neeky, jr.mafia, shurik, lehcim)
#2[5on5NGL] Twinloc Lan (pride, united, kamil.p, michi)
#4[5on5NGL] & #1[2on2NGL] STL73 2007 (shurik, jr.mafia, blinki, steph)
#4[5on5WWCL], #2[2on2WWCL] & #1[2on2CSSWWCL] CNL 2007 (michi, united, boerge, ringer)
#4[5on5NGL] Summit 2006 (blinki, phil, kiko, sam)
#4[5on5NGL] Northcon 2004 (michi, unhe1l, seeb, luke)


Mouse Hz: 500 Hz
Windows Sensitivity: 6/11 (Win7)
Mouse dpi: 400
Mouse Pad: Qpad CT
Mouse: Logitech MX518
Mouse Skates: SS MX-Glides
Mouse Drivers: None
Mouse Acceleration: off


Monitor Hz: 120
Digital Vibrance: None
Vsync: off
Desktop Gamma: 1.00
Antialiasing: 2x
Anisotropic: 2x

Resolution: 640x480
Ingame Sensitivity: 2.5
Crosshair Size: Large
Crosshair Color: Green
Crosshair Translucent: 0
Dynamic Crosshair: 0
Ingame Gamma: 3.0
Ingame Brightness: 2.0
Radartype: Fixed
Ingame GUI: extreme masters
Launch Options: -freq 120 -32bpp -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel

rate: 25000
cl_updaterate: 101
cl_cmdrate: 101
ex_interp: 0.01

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