DeMusliM vs. 1861590
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 2.  13.

Status: closed
MatchID 19526653
Date Friday, 15 October 20:00
Calculated Friday, 15 October 20:35
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1 Minor Penalty  for  1861590
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1 Minor Penalty  for  DeMusliM
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tba 1 : 0
tba 1 : 0
DeMusliM wins !
Points +3 : 0
Friday, 15 October 20:36
Round 1
49 kB, Friday, 15 October 20:36, by DeMusliM
Friday, 15 October 20:36
Round 2 - mTw - DeMusliM
65 kB, Friday, 15 October 20:36, by DeMusliM
15/10/10 04:54
Well well well!
I don't believe i've ever played andead, but i do remember asking him for replays once for some tips in TvT back in beta ^^. He's a good player who hasn't really lived up to his full potential yet in the EPS, but i hope he doesn't start doing so by giving me a thrashing :).
I haven't had any sleep in the past 2 days - not totally sure what's wrong but i hope for some good games none the less :).

GL HF andead!
14/10/10 16:39
Gegen Demuslim rechne ich mit einem eindeutigen Lose, da dies mal wieder ein TvT ist und Demuslim einfach unglaublich stark ist!
Außerdem werde ich wohl maximal 3 Spiele vor dem Spiel machen, weil ich vorher noch arbeiten muss :/
Wenn ich eine Map holen könnte, wäre ich schonmal zufrieden, mal schauen was dadraus wird!

hfgl demuslim!
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