DeMusliM vs. 2017576
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MatchID 19526612
Date Tuesday, 21/09/10 13:30
Calculated 21/09/10 17:06
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1 Minor Penalty  for  DeMusliM
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Steppes of War 1 : 0
Delta Quadrant 1 : 0
DeMusliM wins !
Points +3 : 0
21/09/10 14:05
Round 1 - Steppes of War
50 kB, 21/09/10 14:05, by 2017576
21/09/10 14:05
Round 2 - Delta Quadrant
22 kB, 21/09/10 14:05, by 2017576
20/09/10 11:24
Match Statement
This is one of the hardest matches of EPS and it seems I am not winning a lot in this tournament. DemusliM is a great player and I am the underdog here, but I'll still try to win in any possible way. I hope for nice games and to revert my tendency to play bad in EPS matches. TvT is also a very luck based matchup so anything could be possible.

Shoutout to our main sponsors Razer, WesternDigital and Puma.
20/09/10 14:51
The Italian Stalion.
Cloud and i go way back. We've always had pretty close games, so i expect a 2-1 either way. Cloud's been doing well recently, despite some bad results he's still a good player - and i believe when he takes me on he'll let the lion out of the cage and give no mercy.

He's a good pal of mine, i wish him all the best, BUT i'd like to win this one buddy :)

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Hm... isn't DeMusliM British? Or did he take the german nationality :P
Cloud, Demuslim and Naniwa all have the German flag because they are currently living in Germany :)
Stallion is correct
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