DeMusliM vs. 5006864
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 7.  15.

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Date Tuesday, 07 September 19:30
Calculated Tuesday, 07 September 20:14
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1 Minor Penalty  for  DeMusliM
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XelNaga Caverns 1 : 0
Lost Temple 1 : 0
DeMusliM wins !
Points +3 : 0
Tuesday, 07 September 20:03
Round 1 - XelNaga Caverns
51 kB, Tuesday, 07 September 20:03, by DeMusliM
Tuesday, 07 September 20:04
Round 2 - Lost Temple
56 kB, Tuesday, 07 September 20:04, by DeMusliM
05/09/10 15:09
Hello GladHeAteHer aka DeMuslim :),

long time no see in games, but im looking forward to our match.

After a bad start in the season, with two PvP losses, im facing one of the best players in Europe. I'll try my best to challenge his awesome Terran.

Basically im a well mannered guy, but sometimes i get angry after losing too much. I guess that happens to everybody.

Nevertheless i hope we can deliver some nice PvT action and GL HF to you !

Best Regards
28/08/10 11:09
Vs the OgerTob!

After a nice start to the EPS, i hope it doesn't come to a halt just yet!
OgerTob is a decent player who although i haven't played in a while his name definetely left an imprint somewhere - also his end of the game comments being a little less than friendly :).
Let's hope for some fun games vs Tob - and remember the player in best shape on the day wins.

GLGLGL HF %) MTW FAIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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gl DeMu :)
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