Team GAMED.DE  CoD4 EPS (Season 16)  id:  4672543

Name Team GAMED.DE
Shorthandle gamed!de
Registered since 22/12/09
IRC #team.gamed  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Team GAMED.DE
Headquarters  Germany / Düsseldorf
  1  Awards  
IRC #team.gamed  (QuakeNet)
Gameserver IP:Port ◊
Name ◊ TEAM gamed!de EPS
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Latest matches
  ESL Pro Series Season 16 Call of Duty 4 5on5
loss   KD-Gaming  0 Tuesday, 01/06/10 16:00 14
loss   logiX e.V.  0 Monday, 31/05/10 16:00 17
loss   mTw  0 Tuesday, 25/05/10 16:00 17
loss   Rostock Vikings  0 Thursday, 20/05/10 15:00 16
loss   Versus.Pro  0 Wednesday, 05/05/10 15:00 15
loss   Team eNigma CoD4  0 Tuesday, 27/04/10 16:00 15
loss   RAPTOR-GAMING  0 Thursday, 22/04/10 15:00 16
wins   Absolut.Kurant  + 3 Wednesday, 21/04/10 15:00 19
loss   SFTO eSports  0 Thursday, 08/04/10 15:00 15
loss   LeiSuRe  0 Tuesday, 06/04/10 15:00 15
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Team GAMED.DE since 2007

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Firmensitz ► myLoc managed IT AG (Am Gatherhof 44, D-40472 Düsseldorf)


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gamed!de deelight (Projektleiter)
gamed!de jJ (Projektleiter)

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gamed!de raiden (Team Captain)
gamed!de rYda
gamed!de pLeaSure
gamed!de Typhoon
gamed!de grumbly (Backup)


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