Christopher 'Supreme' Lindl  id: 1289584
Display benq 24'' Full HD LED
Mouse Roccat Kone
Mousepad Razer - Pro Solutions
Keyboard G 15
Headphones Steelseries Siberia V2
Connection DSL 2000
Console(s) Playstation 3
Handheld(s) Playstation Portable
Mobile Phone iPhone 4G
Drink Bier, Jacky Cola, Welchs
Food Pizza, Schnitzel, Mac ´n Cheese
Movie L.A. Crash
Music Crunk, Krump, Dirty South
Song Knuck if u Buck - Crime MOB
Book Resident Evil Romane, FFX Lösungsbuch :p
Book author j. perry
Actor / Actress Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez
Car Lamborgini Gallardo
Sport Dart, Fussball, eSports
Athlete Adrian Lewis
Map de_Train, de_inferno, de_Tuscan
Clan myHOH
Player pham
Game Hero Jill Valentine
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Mädchen :>
Genre Horror, Action-Adventure
Console Sega Megadrive
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
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fear factor, gaming incipit, veriC gaming, Codename, Alien Gaming, myHOH.Crowfire, mY nroX, GaB, Solstice, team KR, Koma Crew




The Summit VIII
5on5 #9 weil foe nich lieb zu uns war :)
2on2 #5

MTA 36
5on5 #1

g4Lan 5

2on2 #4 weil mate im Halbfinale heim ist xD
5on5 #1

The Summit IX
5on5 #9 -.-

MTA 39

5on5 #3