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Diogo 'zyrF' Fernandes  id: 4598459

Name Diogo Fernandes
Nick zyrF
Member since 22/11/09
Age / Gender 23 Years / male
Nationality  Brazil
Country Portugal
Occupation Brincar com Legos :3
Employer / University / School University - IST
Main team in memory of TEAM Proximite .ca
Homepage --
THE BEST HACKER EVER! ROFLMAO ESL, never use any type off hacks, but being banned for ESL Wire bug is awesomeeee! If i ever hack show me proves, this is bullshit...

So i got banned from ESL because i got WireShark, and VM opened. Funny because i study and i was making project for college (yes im good student) thank you for 2 years of plesaure on real life
Level & Awards
  6 Awards  
VS. Placements
Season 1 2018 (15/03/18 09:00)
This player doesn't have a VERSUS ranking in the current season.
Recent matches
  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1on1 Ozone Christmas Cup
draw almeida  0 Thursday, 27/12/12 16:30
draw eXtreme  0 Thursday, 27/12/12 16:00
  Combat Arms Search & Destroy 1on1 Winter Cup Series Qualification #1
loss BarS1E  0 Thursday, 13/12/12 13:00 5
  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1on1 tuganetGames AWP Cup #8
loss DobraGen  0 Thursday, 06/12/12 18:00
loss dejavour  0 Thursday, 06/12/12 17:30
draw snibar  0 Thursday, 06/12/12 17:00
draw SP skN  0 Thursday, 06/12/12 16:30
win (bye)  Thursday, 06/12/12 16:00
  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1on1 tuganetGames Aim Cup #8
loss Pedro  0 Tuesday, 04/12/12 16:30
win (bye)  Tuesday, 04/12/12 16:00
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