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Name Anderl 
Nick Bigander
Member since 30/09/08
Age / Gender 30 Years / male
Nationality  Germany
Territory, City Germany, Dietramszell  (83xxx)
Main team Die Schmusetiere. Reloaded
Homepage --
|-Skil----------> Low [], Mid [x], High []
|-Team-------> [KC] = Knuddel Clan, DSR| Die Schmusetiere Reloadet
|-Spiel--------> Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
|-Leage-------> S&D Hc 5on5, S&C 3on3hc
|-Derzeit------> Aktiv [], Inaktiv [x]
Level & Awards
  1 Awards  
CoD4 MW (PC)
CoD:MW2 (PC)
Clubs  public
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