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Nick Socke
Member since 22/01/07
Age / Gender 34 Years / male
Nationality  Canada
Territory Germany
Main team The angry Bears
Dumpfe rechte Sprüche finden sich in vielen Parteien wieder,
es brennen Häuser und Idioten schreien "Sieg Heil".
Manche sind schockiert, doch wenig Leute greifen ein.
Ich werde nicht ruhen, ich will den Globus Nazi-Frei.
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  9 Awards  
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
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  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 AIM Europe
loss shindy  -26 Friday, 14/10/16 15:50
win roQSICK  +23 Wednesday, 12/10/16 10:32
win TewukaS  +25 Saturday, 09/07/16 04:08
  Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 1on1 Winter Games 2010
loss Sims  0 Tuesday, 16/02/10 13:00 0
loss E7_Nyze  0 Sunday, 14/02/10 13:00 0
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