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Gameaccount: Signup

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What is a gameaccount?
Where can I find my SteamID?
How can I add my SteamID to my ESL account??
How can I change my SteamID?


How can I take a screenshot?
Which kinds of screenshots do exist?
Who has to upload which screenshots?
Until when should the screenshots be uploaded?

How can I record a demo?
How many demos do I have to record?
What do I have to upload after the match?
How can I request demos?

Aequitas is mandatory
How do I use aequitas in a match?
What do I have to upload after the match?
Where can I get answers to aequitas?

Preparation for a match

Match preparations
Choice of server
Choice of team
Warm up – Map Check

Bugs & illegal actions

Map bugs
What should I consider before the match?
What should I consider during the match?
Generally prohibited

When to make a support and when to make a protest?

Overview Counter-Strike
Overview Counter-Strike: Source