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Lisa 'BÄM shifty' Catino  id: 2367867

Name Lisa Catino
Nick BÄM shifty
Member since 17/03/07
Age / Gender 28 Years / female
Nationality  Italy
Country, City Germany, Weinstadt  (71xxx)
Occupation Studentin
Employer / University / School Tübingen
Main team --
Homepage --
♥❤ღ true story ღ❤♥
Fürchte den Bock von vorn, das Pferd von hinten,
und die Frau von allen Seiten.

follow me <3
Level & Awards
  26 Awards  
Counter-Strike: Source
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
ICQ Games
Recent matches
  CS:GO Open Ladder 1on1 Europe
draw wizbaLL_  +1 Monday, 26/11/12 08:11 3
  Counter-Strike: Source 1on1 Handgun Ladder
loss TRACKBALLPLAYER  -21 Monday, 19/09/11 10:43 6
  Female Gaming Counter-Strike: Source 1on1 Ladder
win Issita  +25 Monday, 20/06/11 15:15 3
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