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Name Enigma e-Sports
Shorthandle enigma
Registered since 16/07/15
Homepage http://enigma-esports.com/
Headquarters  Europe
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Latest matches
  CS:GO 5on5 Major League Spring 2016 Europe
loss   GIANT5  0 Tuesday, 15/03/16 15:00
loss   bam  0 Wednesday, 02/03/16 14:00
loss   ex-impossible  0 Wednesday, 24/02/16 14:00
loss   LowLandLions.CSGO  0 Tuesday, 23/02/16 14:00
loss   CeXiES  0 Monday, 22/02/16 14:00
loss   eACD.Alpha  0 Thursday, 04/02/16 14:00
  Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #183
loss   Tropica.lv  0 Sunday, 24/01/16 12:30
wins   SANCTION  + 2 Sunday, 24/01/16 11:30 2
wins   kb.  + 2 Sunday, 24/01/16 10:30
wins   R&T eSports  + 2 Sunday, 24/01/16 09:20
Enigma Esports was founded in February 2015 by Nick Smith and Eric Biggs who wanted to combine their decades of experience within both business and e-Sports to create a professional organisation that sets itself apart. With an integrated structure which promotes investments in their infrastructure from the ground up, Enigma is well poised to maintain top tier teams in each of the most popular Esports titles.

With this as the goal, we strive to provide not only a stable environment for the players and teams to achieve their Esports goals, but to form symbiotic relationships with companies which stand to benefit from the marketing opportunities in Esports.