ThorxvillE  id: 942041
CPU 3,2 ghz Pentium
RAM 1024 DDR ram
Videocard Radeon 9600
Soundcard 5.1 onboard xD
Storage 80 gb
Motherboard Asus P4P800
Display Aoc 19 Zoll
OS windoff xp
CD/DVD hab ich ne menge
Mouse logitech mx 510
Mouse Skatez lol¿ wer braucht den shit
Mousepad mtw XXL
Keyboard logitech
Headphones 5.1 headset
Connection DSL 1000
TV Samsung
Sound system Technics
Console(s) Play Station 2
Drink Bier
Food Schnitzel mit Pommes
Movie the 51st state
Music german rap
Song Bushido - Mein leben Lang
Book o_O
Book author O_o
Person ForCe
Actor / Actress Johnny Depp
Car Golf 2 GTI g60
Sport Fussball
Athlete stefan raab
Map dod_anzio, dod_Zafod
Clan +HoLys+
Player +HoLy+Dread
Game Hero .....
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
Started as a n00b, being a n00b, and will quit as a n00b