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Philipp 'Soodi' Saedler  id: 314428

Name Philipp Saedler
Nick Soodi
Member since 22/07/02
Age / Gender 37 Years / male
Nationality  Ireland
Territory, City Germany, Bonn  (53xxx)
Occupation Senior Editor for
Employer / University / School ESL
Main team Basecamper
I'm Senior Editor for If you have any problems in VERSUS, cups or ladders please use the Support Ticket to report it. There you will get the best possible help. If you like my news and articles all nice comments or critics are more than welcome :)

Level & Awards
StarCraft II
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Source
League of Legends
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Recent matches
  Turtle Hearthstone Tournament Stage 1
loss 1399535  0 Saturday, 06/12/14 12:00
win DRE  +2 Wednesday, 03/12/14 12:00
  Testing Area Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1on1 Anti-Cheat Ladder
win Santo  +25 Thursday, 20/06/13 12:00
  Testing Area Counter-Strike 1on1 Anti-Cheat Ladder
win bLackhawk  +20 Wednesday, 20/02/13 09:00
  Intern Admin Ladder A-Series 1on1 Beta
win Rondrian  +20 Tuesday, 25/09/12 11:30
win Rondrian  +20 Tuesday, 25/09/12 11:20
win Rondrian  +20 Tuesday, 25/09/12 11:10
win Rondrian  +20 Tuesday, 25/09/12 10:50
loss yeganer10  -20 Tuesday, 25/09/12 10:40
win bLackhawk  +20 Tuesday, 25/09/12 10:30
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