Ivan 'TimeKeeper' Brukic  id: 2284920
CPU Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
RAM Hyper X 8192mb ddr³
Videocard NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Soundcard Asus
Storage 1 TB
Motherboard Asus P8Z68-V
Display Asus 180hz PG248Q
OS win7 64 ultimate
Antivirus Kaspersky
Mouse Zowie EC1-A
Mousepad steelseries QcK+
Keyboard Corsair K70
Headphones Hyper X
Connection 100 mbit
Sound system Teufel Weltmeister
Mobile Phone S.
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cs since 2004

CS:S clanhistory 2007-2011

Area of Soldiers
Late.Night.Aiming > (bfmv, eno, jaNNi, assa, Timekeeper) 2. divi
Twilight-Phoenix > (stavros, rEact1oN, assa, zetox, syx, TimeKeeper)
lowskilled.eu > (bfmv, TimeKeeper, assa, ARWE, minD, ZELDI, scorp) 3.div EAS
Unity.eSports CSS > (bfmv, TimeKeeper, assa, minD, ARWE, scorp, purzeL) 2.div EAS
CROWFEX.eu > (bfmv, TimeKeeper, assa, G0TTchiLLa, purzeL, ARWE, scorp) 2.div EAS
Qmatic4life > (bfmv, TimeKeeper, assa, G0TTchiLLa, ARWE, sliNk, purzeL, scorp) 2.div EAS
RealityCheck > (bfmv, assa, G0TTchiLLa, sliNk, ARWE, purzeL, scorp, TimeKeeper) 2.div EAS
myFormtec CSS > (bfmv, assa, G0TTchiLLa, sliNk, ARWE, purzeL, scorp (rele#1), TimeKeeper) 2. div EAS > relegation > 1.div EAS
Frankfurt Titans/EYES ON U > (bfmv,assa, G0TTchiLLa, sliNk, ARWE, bmd, TimeKeeper) > 1.div EAS

CS:GO 2012

AMOX Gaming > (assa, cruptor, yb, lemon, dEJAN, TimeKeeper) A-Series 1. div

after 6 years break

CS:GO 2018 with
Team Monarchs - Academy
(assa, cruptor, denzel, Scripted, TimeKeeper, Stürzi)