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online statusFlawless
Team:   ESL Germany
online statusChiellini12
Nicolo  Panucci,   18  Years    
Team:   Staff ESL Global
online statusArgus
Lasse  Kurki,   24  Years    
Team:   Staff Global
online statusones
,   32  Years    
Team:   Fried EGG
online statusLor1
Lorin  Chèvre,   24  Years    
online statusVarkaN
Quentin,   20  Years    
Team:   Staff ESL Global
online statusDobraGen
Luis  Correia,   27  Years    
Team:   ESL Portugal
online statusMaLyyY
Irina     Wien
Team:   plan-B Female
online statusLukigi
,   21  Years    
Team:   Staff-Global
online statusGiove
Giovanni  Bifulco,   21  Years    
Team:   1.800.Tempe
online statushAz3
Dhirendra  Bhenwal,   29  Years    
Team:   Exile Esports
online statusrObin
Rahul  Saha     Haryana
online statusMasta
Doudou  Masta,   30  Years    
online statusGTP
Hubert  Puzio    
Team:   created 2 Fight
online statusKoyote
Panagiotis  Makridis,   22  Years    
online statuspedrodecastilla
online statusFoxx
Mario  Tamma     Bari
Team:   Staff ESL Global
online statusScr3am
Andrea  Moe     Pescara
online statusbucakD
Emircan  Bucak,   22  Years     Rotterdam
Team:   HeadNade
online statusHighFrequenz
Vlad,   22  Years    
online statusChrisiLinHo
Christian  Widenmeyer,   29  Years     Leingarten
online statusZedVader
Yordan  Yordanov,   21  Years     Varna
online statusempress
Rebecca,   24  Years    
Team:   Staff ESL Global
online statusCobra
,   24  Years    
Team:   Game Operations
online statusKaz
Angelika,   24  Years    
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