one and only neo FANTEAM   id:  1496353

Name one and only neo FANTEAM
Shorthandle The One
Registered since 04/11/05
IRC #64AMD  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Poland
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The One and Only neo!

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Team ID: 1496353
Join PW: mouz
oder einfach:

[AMD64] neo

Vorname: Michael
Nachname: Mitrega
Geburtstag: 16.08.1984
Wohnort: Paderborn
Geschlecht: männlich


Status: aktiv
Member seit: Oktober 2003
Tätigkeit: Spieler
Clan History: Cyberpsykos (-=]CP[=-)
Heretic Forces (h4)
team elysium (elys)
a-Losers (a-L)
mousesports (mouz)

Clan Awards:

1st---PowerZone Lan CPL Cologne Qualifier
2nd---GameStar-Finals #5
4th---Eurocup VI Trophy #1
17th--CPL Cannes
2nd---Nationscup III
2nd---WWCL Finals #3
1st---ESL Pro-Series #2
1st---inCS-Cup #3
2nd---GameStar-Finals #6
1st---Euskal CPL Dallas Qualifier Bilbao
4th---CPL Dallas Summer 2003
1st---Campus Party 2003 Valencia
1st---WWCL Finals #4
2nd---ESL Pro Series #3 (with HFD)

3rd---CPL Copenhagen 2003
3rd---CPL Dallas Winter 2003
1st---NGL Finals (Deutsche Meisterschaft)
1st---Gamestar-Finals #7
1st---mymTw-Challenge ESWC pre qualifier
2nd--ESL Pro Series #4
1st---ESWC Qualifier Germany
5-8---ESWC 2004
7th---CPL Dallas Summer 2004
1st---NGL Finals II (Deutsche Meisterschafft)
1st---CPL Dallas Qualifier Istanbul 2004
1st---Gamestar-Finals #8
1st---ESL Pro Series #5
1st---CPL Barcelona 2005

E-Mail: [email protected]
Barebone : SB75G2
Prozessor : Intel P4, 3,0 GHz
RAM : 2 x 512 MB DDR 400 von VT
Grafik : NVIDIA GeForce 5900 XT
DVD-Brenner: LG, 8x
Festplatte : Seagate, 160GB Serial ATA
Headset: Icemat Siberia Multi Headset Black
Mouse: Logitech MX 300
Mousepad: Steelpad 4D
Tuning: MouseSkatez
Kabelhalter: Mouz Bungee V2

weitere Daten:

spielt seit: beta 7.1
Favorite Games: Counterstrike
Favorite Map: de_nuke, de_inferno
Favorite Weapon: ak, m4, usp, awp
Favorite Snack: Chinesisch
Favorite Homepage:
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Honorary member
IRC #64AMD  (QuakeNet)
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