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Description ESL Plugin is no longer supported! More details
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comments ( 55 )  
04/04/20 21:40  #1
18/06/15 18:03  #2
Really nice
27/06/15 12:31  #3
very god
04/07/15 19:53  #4
Link for download please
01/08/15 02:39  #5
Link pleasee !!!
06/11/15 23:14  #6
Good Job!
24/04/14 21:59  #7
hi again. plugin doesnt work with the new update :(
26/04/14 22:37  #8
pareil, le plugin fait cracher le serveur
27/04/14 21:47  #9
csgo -> addons -> copy/past eslplugin.dll

27/04/14 22:00  #10
bonsoir svp j'ai besoins d'aide. verygames server plugin esl ! plz pv me
28/04/14 02:42  #11
plugin doesnt work with the new update !
28/04/14 11:31  #12
Server will crash directly - before it was just restarting and restarting again, but thats really bad - please fix this asap! .... unbelievable .... :X
28/04/14 14:40  #13
Are they still tryna sort the plugin?
01/05/14 18:30  #14
hello when updating the plugin esl

thank you
06/05/14 12:24  #15

Anybody knows if the plugin going to be updated? Or if exists a solution for the continuous crashes when the server starts?

29/05/14 22:11  #16
Pfff nice esl staff..

The first time i play on it and impossible to find the aim's map ! nice like always the staff are sixteen retard..

1 edits 
06/08/14 16:50  #17
Im pretty tired now of the plugin....
The plugin wont work on the newer hostings because they dont have the old cs:go files... So could you guys please update the plugin so it works for the newer hostings?
So please just take some time update the plugin and let other people get the plugin on their servers to!
18/11/14 10:30  #18
Wie wäre es mal mit einem Installationsguide unter Linux?
01/01/13 22:07  #19
No Update yet ?????
03/01/13 22:59  #20
We need a update agains the server crash with four players conencted!!
30/01/13 03:26  #21
does not this pluging in a centos Server? does anyone have any solution?
30/01/13 19:04  #22
Plugin doesnt work on servers?
01/02/13 12:44  #23
02/02/13 09:13  #24
I have the problem too,

Running on Windows Server 2008 Datacenter edition x64
The SRCDS tels me:

#Console initialized.
#Loading VPK file hashes for pure server operation.
#Game.dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"
#CGameEventManager::AddListener: event 'server_pre_shutdown' unknown.
#CGameEventManager::AddListener: event 'game_newmap' unknown.
#CGameEventManager::AddListener: event 'finale_start' unknown.
#CGameEventManager::AddListener: event 'round_start' unknown.
#CGameEventManager::AddListener: event 'round_end' unknown.
#CGameEventManager::AddListener: event 'difficulty_changed' unknown.
#GameTypes: initializing game types interface from GameModes.txt.
#GameTypes: Creating new entry for maps/de_dust2_se.kv.
#GameTypes: Creating new entry for maps/de_mirage_csgo.kv.
#GameTypes: Creating new entry for maps/de_mirage_go.kv.
#GameTypes: merging game types interface from gamemodes_server.txt.
#Could not find ELO confiuration record for UID 13
Server is hibernating
Particles: Missing 'particles/maps/gg_vietnam.pcf'
maxplayers set to 64
[ESL] Could not set hook for zb_lo3
[ESL] Could not set hook for zb_ko3
[ESL] Everything is up to date!

And then i get the POPup from windows with:
MESSAGE_END called with no active message

The only option i got is to click OK and then de console op srcds quits...
04/02/13 17:50  #25
When will be ESL Plugin normal function?
28/02/13 19:27  #26
esl_Start doesn't work.
07/03/13 00:53  #27
Now it does no worries :)
26/03/13 10:00  #28
dont work on ubuntu, server cant start when esl plugin is on
28/08/12 22:55  #29
when i add this plugin sometimes match ends 12-7 for example not all rounds have been played,this bug it's just for me?or for someone else?
31/08/12 15:06  #30
rcon mp_timelimit 0 ;)
01/09/12 02:48  #31
I added on addons folder and it dont works.

What can i do?


PD: Runing csgo on dedicated server with centOS
03/09/12 00:16  #32
fonctionne bien sur verygame
04/09/12 04:25  #33
plugin is causing random server lag during freezetime and at random times during the round

06/09/12 15:04  #34
plugin cant be loaded on linux?

undefined symbol: _ZZN3xml6escapeIN9__gnu_cxx17_ _normal_iteratorIPKcSsEESt20back _insert_iteratorISsEEET0 _T_S9_S8_E3rep

more info here:

1 edits 
27/09/12 19:57  #35
@Sidhy. Same problem. OS ist CentOS 5.7
05/10/12 04:24  #36
csgo update 01/10/2012 - server join, console rcon password enter and rcon 5on5 command and server down... fix it...
18/10/12 03:09  #37
sometimes when the map changes the server crashes
07/11/12 21:12  #38
Admins doing nothing with there bugs in plugin??? :(
10/11/12 18:29  #39
hi, in my server, when i change the map the server crash... server is for

any solution? thanks
19/11/12 12:54  #40
my server crashes too. Update the plugin please. its month since the last update.
28/11/12 22:19  #41
server crashes, plugin cant be used at the moment
01/05/20 15:14  #42
 Metehan Türkmen
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