bossaura!1 vs. two and a half meng
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 two and a half meng
Status: closed
MatchID 26841718
Date Friday, 31 August 19:30
Calculated Friday, 31 August 20:38
Round Round of 16
map de_mirage_csgo
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1 : 0
bossaura!1 wins !
Friday, 31 August 20:37
uploaded with ESL Wire 2012-08-31_00002.jpg*
79 kB, Friday, 31 August 20:37, by tysoN- (JBG)
Friday, 31 August 21:07
uploaded with ESL Wire 2012-08-31_00005.jpg*
460 kB, Friday, 31 August 21:07, by xktr (JBG)
* No longer available


two and a half meng

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kurze frage: 2 flashes, sv_competitive_official_5v5 1 erlaubt? :D
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