heute mal seriös -closed- vs. Another DaY of Playing
Contestants Parameters
 45.  89.

 heute mal seriös -closed-
 Another DaY of Playing
Status: closed
MatchID 17020235
Date Monday, 18 January 22:13
Calculated Monday, 18 January 23:35
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
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Result Media
de_tuscan 19 : 5
de_inferno 16 : 8
heute mal seriös -closed- wins !
Points +7 : -7

Another DaY of Playing

heute mal seriös -closed-

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comments (5)
pw pcw
nice, aufeinmal gibs server! kakkeN geh ick ufm klo dicka!
jo, is grad hoch gefahren sry!!
ja KOTyminusunterstrichix
sag vallah?
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