Christian 's4intzZ' Laack  id: 3071527
CPU Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 @ 3,20 GHz
RAM 6 GB Kingston
Videocard EVGA GTX560
Soundcard HD Audio OnBoard
Storage Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB
Motherboard weiß nicht
Display Samsung Syncmaster T220 22"/17,3" Notebook Displ..
OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials
Mouse Logitech G599
Mouse Skatez -
Mousepad Roccat Taito
Keyboard Logitech G15
Headphones Sennheiser PC350
Connection DSL 16k+
Wheel/Pedals -
Joypad Xbox 360 Controller for PC
TV LG 41" Plasma
Sound system Teufel Concept E Magnum Digital
Handheld(s) -
Drink Wasser :P
Movie Riddick, Equilibrium, Sin City
Music Techno, Trailermusic
Song Devils don't cry
Book Der Herr der Ringe 1-3
Person Ich :P
Actor / Actress Jet Li
Player s4intzZ
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Humans/Undead
Genre Ego-Shooter, MMORPG
Console XBox 360
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
<3 u frenchies

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It's just ten percent luck
Twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure
Fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

#1 5on5 S&D Ladder
#1 5on5 classics 4 Cup
#1 5on5 Opening Cup
#3 5on5 Opening Cup Playoffs
#1 5on5 classics 5 Cup
#1 5on5 classics 6 Cup
#1 5on5 EMS Qualification
#1 5on5 EMS Playoffs
#2 5on5 S&D Clanbase