2on2 CTF Ladder
We all know the 2on2 ATG Ladder has been inactiv for some time. To provide you the most fun we are going to open a new 2n2 CTF Ladder. We hope for much activity and a lot of fun. Here we go!
A lot of EU players will remember the 2n2 CTF Ladder from the old EU ESL times. The success of the ladder in the EU section was one reason to set this up because the EU section has been closed but the interest in the 2n2 CTF is still there. We were able to see this on a huge interest in this in the forum. To make this interest for funmap and for sure for official map players we decided to add some funmaps to the official ones. So everyone is able to play his favourite map.

A new ladder means new rules.

2on2 CTF Rules:

- Class: Soldier only

- 2 Players / not more, not less

- No hosts allowed

- Flags from both maps are counting

- UAC3 is mandotary

Maps and spawns:

NvaBase - Spawn 10s
Waterfall - Spawn 12s
Arroyo - Spawn 12s
HalongPort - Spawn 10s
3sf-Bridge - Spawn 12s
3sf-City - Spawn 10s
BeerParty - Spawn 12s
NVATempel - Spawn 10s
Osgiliath-City - Spawn 10s

The other rules are simply the same like the ones from the Teamplay Ladder.

We will watch the rules and fix them if neccessary.

We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Best regards, Your Admin Team
G*lost*ER, Thursday, 18/10/12 04:55
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already signup.
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Amazing idea ! ESL is moving, it's time ahah ! Will join for sure this ladder for the remembers ! Up yours !
open up boys
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