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What is VERSUS.?

VERSUS. is the new matchmaking system from the Electronic Sports League. It has never been easier to find people to play with! We have finally bridged the gap between public gaming and the competitive ladders of the ESL. Now everyone can easily get ranked playing team games - even without having their own team. Check it out! You will enjoy it!

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  • Two clicks, one match - It has never been this easy to play an ESL match

  • Personal Ranking - Everyone gets their own personal ranking for each game, even in team games

  • VS. Skill balancing - Modern skill balancing technology for fair and fun matches

  • Play for free - Everyone can play as much and as long as they want

  • New points system - Play for VS. points to climb up the ranking

  • ESL Wire Anti-Cheat - VS. is using the world's safest Anti-Cheat technology