3784022 vs. neMesis
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Status: closed
MatchID 20645735
Date Saturday, 04 December 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 08 December 23:31
Round Quarterfinals
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First map 0 : 7
Second map 0 : 7
neMesis wins !
comments (14)
yo :)
i gonna Ban Lounge

Can we play earlier ?
I ban Aurora.
Depends if I have to work tomorrow, i'll let you know tomorrow
ok Lounge and aurora are banned :)

resting maps are socio, Quite move and hockolicious

MY HOMEMAP: Hockolicious

btw do you have a server ? :) because i dun have one :P
ok my map will be Socio. Ye i can get a server.
But i have to work tonight so maybe we can play tomorrow?
i can't play tomorrow :(

can't we play this evening, just returned just for the war
nemesis has trouble posting, he told me he can play monday if you want
ok. monday is fine :)
20h :)

1st: Hocko
2nd: Socio
3rd: Quite Move
where are you ?

and which server ?
im sorry i didnt show up, i just catched the worst fever and been sleeping for 2 days :/
Can we play thursday then 20h ? ( now last date )
well according to moldo, monday was last date because you alrdy couldn't play saturday. pity then
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