StarCraft II : NK Gaming Qualifiers
Join the NK Gaming Qualifiers and try to secure your spot for the offline finals. There are going to be 4 Qualifiers, only for Dutch players ! Each cup will have a maximum size of 16 players !

The NK Gaming

The 2012 edition of the NK Gaming will include four different games; FIFA 12 (Xbox 360), Tekken 6 (PS3), Call of Duty 4 and StarCraft II. For the last two games you can qualify yourself here at ESL Benelux by participating in one of the four qualifier cups for your game of choice.


The qualifiers will only be open for all Dutch players .

The best 4 players in each Qualifier will qualify themselves for the NK Gaming main event which will take place at the 8th and 9th of June in Eindhoven, the Netherlands*. The winner of the NK Gaming will earn himself a ticket to the World Championship in South Korea IeSF (including hotel and flight).

Replays must be uploaded directly after the match. You are responsible for uploading the replay of each map you win. Not doing so can result in 1 penalty point for each missing replay.

All games will be best of 3. The first map will be decided by ESL, the second and third map are losers pick.

Cup size : Maximum 16 players !

Map list

ESL Antiga Shipyard
ESL Cloud Kingdom
ESL Daybreak
ESL Entombed Valley
ESL Discord
ESL Taldarim Altar
ESL Metropolis
ESL Ohana
ESL The Grid
ESL Shakuras

Contact & Admins

BNet: esl.blx.sc2
mIRC: #esl.blx.sc2

The admins for the qualifiers are:
ESL|CherrYmooN, ESL|DRAX, ESL|Hedidit and ESL|Miserie

If you have any problems during, after or before the cup, do not hesitate to contact them!

Dates for the Qualifier cups.

NK Gaming Qualifier #1 = Monday 14/05/12 : 19:30 (signup)
NK Gaming Qualifier #2 = Wednesday 16/05/12 : 19:30 (signup)
NK Gaming Qualifier #3 = Tuesday 22/05/12 : 19:30 (signup)
NK Gaming Qualifier #4 = Thursday 24/05/12 : 19:30 (signup)

*Additional fees are required to participate in the NK Gaming main event, please take a look at the additional information on the NK Gaming website.

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DRAX, Thursday, 10/05/12 12:40
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