StarCraft II World Championship Series Belgium Nationals
Will be the StarCraft II World Champion 2012 be from Belgium? In cooperation with ESL, Blizzard is launching a world-spanning series of events. Local champions from all over the globe will have their shot at becoming the StarCraft II World Champion 2012.

This is your chance to represent The Belgium in the StarCraft II World Championship Series. But first, we must find the Belgian Champion!

How to qualify?

In order to qualify yourself for the StarCraft II Belgian Championship your first step will be to play in one of our four qualifiers. These national qualifiers are open to all players of Belgian nationality. All skills levels are welcome!

The qualifiers will consist of four single-elimination cups which are open to an unlimited number of participants. They will be held on the following dates:

Qualifier #1: Tue 24/04/2012 19:30 (signup - bracket - members)
Qualifier #2: Thu 26/04/2012 19:30 (signup - bracket - members)
Qualifier #3: Sun 29/04/2012 19:30 (signup - bracket - members)
Qualifier #4: Wed 02/05/2012 19:30 (signup - bracket - members)

If you finish in the top two in any of these cups you'll qualify for the StarCraft II Belgian Championship. You can sign up for all four cups if you want, as long as you are not qualified yet. If you qualify you'll be removed from any remaining qualifiers you’ve signed up for in order to leave other players a fair chance of qualifying.

The Belgian National Championship

The eight who manage to land themselves a slot in the Belgian National Championship will fight not only for national pride but also a place in, and a trip to, the European Continental Championship! The Belgian National Championship is a double-elimination, best-of-three cup and will decide the first Dutch National Champion.

The cup will start online on Sunday 6 May at 13:00, at which point the first three rounds will be played. The last three matches of the tournament – the upper bracket final, the lower bracket final and the grand final – will be played offline. , where the three players surviving the first four rounds of the Belgian National Championship will battle for victory.

The winner will be crowned with the title of Belgian National Champion, and will be the first Belgian Champion in the StarCraft II World Championship Series. Only the winner will move on to the European Continental Championships. He will represent our country against other national champions and runners-up and aim to progress further in the World Championship Series.

Travel and accommodation expenses for the European Championship event will be paid for both the Belgian National Champion and the runner-up.

Stay tuned for more information on the road to the World Championship. You can find additional information on .
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Blizzard's StarCraft II World Championship Series
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