Madprocessor CUP #3
A new Madprocessor CUP is announced: 9 April in Amsterdam 32 players will play for the trophy and cash prize money.

The first edition was won by Liquid RET, the second edition by srs Sushilicious and now is time for third edition.


The event takes place at the Madprocessor gamecafe.
- Street: Kinkerstraat 11-13
- Postal code: 1053 DB
- City: Amsterdam
- Website:


9 April 2011

More information:

- You can bring your own gear(keyboard/mouse/mousepad/headset)
- You can't bring your pc
- Subscription costs 25 euro per person

How to sign up:

- Mail your full name and ESL id to: [email protected]

The bracket of the second edition can be found here.

574370, Wednesday, 02/03/11 07:09
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juuuh :D
Ofcourse the question on everyones mind is:

Will StuF make it to the second round this time?!

To all my fans out there: I will not disappoint you!
Defwin incoming !
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