Playday 3 - Match 2
Begin Sunday, 23/05/10 17:00
Track: Alimero TaMaGo Eletrotech Papagaio W!nter
# Laps Main ESL Cupmode 100,3
# Laps Sprint 5 rounds/challenge
Match Media
23/05/10 10:34
122 kB, upped by 3605726 ()
* No longer available

Main Race
# Grid #1 Main Race Penalty Car Total Best
4 1:00.00 103
3 + 01:00.00 102
2 + 02:00.00 101
1 + 03:00.00 100

(*): Dropped score

23/05/10 10:42
Another matchday, another chance of getting points.

As this is my first EPS playday, I will try to get the 1st position, but we should see.


Post :
2nd. Althought I didn't like the result, I played not that well, so I hope some extra practice this week can help.
23/05/10 10:49
Match statement
my 2nd match for EPS.blx and I don't feel good about this one. This is a match where I should be getting points from, but I haven't really played the maps since my last match. Let's hope I can get my focus right and play a good match!

Before the match I said I would be happy if I didn't finish last, considering the circumstances. I managed to finish 3rd (beating Spam for the first time), but I can't really be happy at all. If I played like I played the 1st match (which wasn't amazing either), I would have got higher, but well...

Bronze is my favourite medal xD
23/05/10 10:32
Pre-Match Statement
Not much trained for this match but we'll see wher it takes me

gl and hf


fuck fuck fuck match gratz to the rest....
23/05/10 10:42
Pre-match Statement:

So it's time for my 2nd match in the ESL Pro Series. The last match didn't go so well because of the strong opponents and bad preparation.
I hope to regain some points in this match, but it won't be easy...

Gl Hf everyone !

Post-match Statement:

This was better than I thought it would be =) Most of my opponents drove very fast times, but I guess I was the more consistent guy today.

Especially after the last place from last match, I'm very happy with this result!

GG !
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