The fourth EPS game is...
In order to become an ESL Pro Series game, the game needs to have an active/healthy amateur-series. There are some other factors which are described in a previous news post.

The third game in the EPS4 is:
TrackMania Nations Forever

As I said in the previous post, both the Quake Live and Trackmania community impressed us in amount of sign ups. But due to limited budget we can only select one official game.

The decision was really hard since both admin teams and community's deserve to have an ESL Pro Series.

That's why WSquared decided to host a supported ESL PRO SERIES game. That game will be Quake Live 1on1. We will host an entire season of epic matches, we are working on a hardware package of prices and we will host LAN finales. We'll do our best to achieve this, so stay tuned for more information.

Regarding Trackmania, the signups are there. It is time to show us your activity!

Current EPS games

There are 4 game slots:
Counter-Strike 1.6 5on5 (announcement)
Call of Duty 4 5on5 (announcement)
Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 (announcement)
Trackmania Nations Forever (announcement)

How to qualify

It is simple, join the Amateur-Series and get to the top. The deadline and how many EAS teams will qualify for the playoffs is to be announced. Your TMNF admin team will make a proper announcement.

There will be no last moment cups. The only way(!) to qualify is via the Trackmania 1on1 ESL Amateur-Series.

Signup for the Trackmania EAS.

574370, Sunday, 14/03/10 18:20
Signup for the EAS
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:) Awesome!
So that's how you call 'giving new games a chance' lol
congratz.. :/
So the game with the least activity got picked again -_-
What's this? I don't even.
to bad for QL :D
having atleast 6 games a day wasnt enough i gues
What's this? I don't even.
quakeriX wrote:
dem0n wrote:
So the game with the least activity got picked again -_-

lol QL obviously wins..
Look at it globally lol
Well thanks for making a 5th slot then I guess, but can't we have some more details of what you mean with 'supported eps' and what's going to happen ?
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Personally I don't think we should attack TMNF. A small calculation from statistics.

1. EPS game cs1.6 (23 active members, 0.9 matches/day)
2. EPS game COD4 (21 active members, 0.4 matches/day)
3. EPS game CSS (20 active members, 1.9 matches/day)
4. EPS game tmnf (49 active members, 7.2 matches/day)

Now... 3 games from EPS are 5on5 format games. Lets do a small calculation to compare both games:
5*0.9 = 4.5
5*0.4 = 2
5*1.9 = 9.5

Conclusion: basically only one game reaches better requirements than QL, namely CSS.

Even though, if we want to take "competition" of TMNF. A small comparison will make the difference:
TMNF: 49 active members, 7.2 matches/day, active since March
QL: 40 active members, 6.0 matches/day, active since January

Conclusion: QL EAS ladder is active for more than 2 months, but only has a difference of 1.2 matches/day. Now, lets make a comparison to March only (activity of TMNF ladder). Since TMNF started begin March, we can see 7 fluctuations according to the statistics of QL. This comes to a total of approximately 10+9+20+0+27+11=77 / 7 = 11 matches/day. It seems like QL comes out as the best game during March.
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Personally I think TMNF and QL are both nice games that both should be picked. Also, attacking the community of any other game is senseless and tells more about your community (I'm not pointing to #14, there's a difference between defending your game and attacking the other :)). As qX said QL and TM both met the restriction and it was their (hard) choice to pick TM. Now you guys should focus on the supported EPS by WSquared and thank them.

Gogo for a nice season
Nice calculation :) nice to see CSS on the top and also i think after EPS4 ... there will be only 2 5on5 slots left so there is room for 2x 1on1 games like: SC2/QL/TMNF/FIFA

so stay active when EAS is when EPS is running and not slowly die in the season.

still hoping that CSS gets the KotH Steelseries then i will be totally happy.
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first; you can not compare QL/TM with CS/CSS/COD4. For example; team games and 1on1 games are always different in ladder activity. So do not try to compare QL with any of the team games.

secondly; if you start comparing QL and Trackmania, you will quickly come to the conclusion that both games have almost similar statistics. Small sign-up/activity differences. Nothing significant that you could say, 'hey, game-X clearly won this'.

thirdly; both admin teams at ESL are good. Maybe TM has more ESL experience but both are more than capable to run an EPS.

To conclude; QuakeLive vs Trackmania, there's not 1 that is really bigger or better.

personally; I'm a big QL fan, i play it and love to watch IEM. But Trackmania can be extremely exiting as well. Both games are good e-sports titles. So it was a hard choice.
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Alot of quake players are new to ESL especialy in Benelux, im just sad that we see 3 similair 5on5 games tho i will get flamed by saying this i know they have different aspects in the game but alot of aspects are the same :)
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draven wrote:
Alot of quake players are new to ESL especialy in Benelux, im just sad that we see 3 similair 5on5 games tho i will get flamed by saying this i know they have different aspects in the game but alot of aspects are the same :)

true, would have been easy if those guys would only play 1 game. But than again, selecting another FPS like QuakeLive wouldn't have been the solution for more diversity I guess.
Well clearly had there not been a 'supported' eps (however you call this) i'd have lost all my motivation toward benelux ql and wouldve probably completely dropped it. It's a good thing that you made this slot possible, but you need to understand that it was probably way harder for a new community like quake benelux to get 80 signups on this ladder and a similar activity to tmn than tmn who's already had the chance to play on EPS fulltime and thus create a real thick community.

I think we do therefore deserve more than trackmania to be the 4th EPS title. But then again the only reason to pick tmn over QL should be clear to everyone that it was to diversify the gamestyles.

Which brings us back to the point that it was a mistake to take all 3 of these 5on5 games in the first place, and that all the EPS titles should be taken at the same time for more fairness.

Quake Live will have an ESL Pro Series like all the other games. The term supported is just something that has to do with price money, but I think it will be the last time you will see that word.

I fully understand that it was damn hard for Quake Live to get to this amazing number of sign-ups. And trust me, i want to reward this.. Its just not that easy :(

We do this for the e-sports community in the Benelux. We want to do everything we can in order to make it better/bigger. We have our limitations and we can not satisfy everybody, even tough we really want it.

Picking 3 team games wasn't easy as well. But it is something we had to do. At least, it is something we have to try for this upcoming season because if one fails, it just gets kicked out.
Nice gogo TM
fair enough explanation qix =).

What you did is awesome!
I just did the calculation because of the statistics link, referring we ain't doing bad compared to other games who actually reached EPS.

Anywayz, I hope for an other great EPS season and may the best teams win!

At the end, it is more important that we make esports more popular in BLX.
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Yeah we just need to keep doing our best to promote beneluxers of Quake to join us and make QL a worthy EPS title in the future
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