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created action
15.05.13 17:25h NK-gamers register_team  Metalx
15.05.13 18:31h NK-gamers new_member  YoungBuck
15.05.13 21:26h NK-gamers new_member  Kialys
15.05.13 21:31h NK-gamers new_member  broetoet
16.05.13 19:56h NK-gamers new_member  Tabzz
18.05.13 14:20h NK-gamers wanna_join_league  BNL League of Legends 5on5 NK LoL Qualifier #1
18.05.13 15:20h NK-gamers join_league  BNL League of Legends 5on5 NK LoL Qualifier #1
09.06.13 10:08h NK-gamers new_member  Duplience
09.06.13 10:17h NK-gamers new_member  xMorsu
14.08.13 17:48h NK-gamers leave_member  Morsu
14.11.13 08:29h NK-gamers received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_6months"
09.02.14 13:33h NK-gamers leave_member  broetoet
16.05.14 08:07h NK-gamers received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_1year"
03.08.15 09:16h NK-gamers received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_2years"