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Tom 'Metalx' Latour  id: 2624395

Name Tom Latour
Nick Metalx
Member since 25/07/07
Age / Gender 27 Years / male
Nationality  Netherlands
Country, City Netherlands, Eindhoven  (56xxx)
Employer / University / School Fontys hogeschool Management Economie Recht
Main team Team Elobladez
First I was the best counter-strike 1.6 player of the Netherlands together with zem1k & ChrisJ, and now I am the best League of Legends player of the Netherlands together with Sologamer & tabzz
Level & Awards
  2 Awards  
League of Legends
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Clubs  public
VS. Placements
Season 1 2018 (15/03/18 09:00)
This player doesn't have a VERSUS ranking in the current season.
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Game 1on1 2on2 Team All
0 0 2 2
Counter-Strike 0 0 1 1
Counter-Strike 0 0 1 1
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