ASUS ENC 2010 live at Vienna
Only two hours left
In two hours the Austrian event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 will kick off at the SCS Multiplex Top 13. Hundreds of visitors will watch two ASUS ENC games where they will be able to cheer for their nation as the Austrian team will meet the German FIFA-team as well as the Dutch CS1.6-team. But the first match of today's show will be a CS:Source showmatch between They Kick Ass.CSS Alpen EPS and Team 123.

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Matches at ASUS ENC 2010 Vienna

04/06/10 10:30 - CKRAS Gaming vs. They Kick Ass
04/06/10 12:30 - Germany vs. Austria
04/06/10 14:30 - Netherlands vs. Austria
574370, Friday, 04/06/10 09:02
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