TigerStyLe vs. Ar3s
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 0.  14.

Status: closed
MatchID 12199410
Date Tuesday, 20 January 17:45
Calculated Tuesday, 20 January 18:43
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Result Media
awp_dust-tkb_v2 3 : 27
awp_india_v2 0 : 4
Ar3s wins !
Points -25 : +25
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comments (11)
i'm server off
what does that mean xD ? im new!
i don't have awp_dust-tkb_v2 on my server...
ok how can i change my map
whitch map?
i've got india,lego,ruins,subzero and zvk...
ok lets make a new challenge
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go connect; password pcw
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gg good fair-play
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