ESL Balkan League 2013 - one region, one champion!
ESL Balkan League Season 5 starts now! League of Legends will be the main title of the fifth campaign! Sofia, Bulgaria will be host to the finals of the League of Legends Balkan League. The best 8 League of Legends teams across 12 countries will have the chance to match up during ON! Fest, where they will compete for a 5000 euro prize fund.

Main information

From the 20th to the 22nd of September the finals will be hosted on a huge gaming stage. For those willing to watch the finals live, the front stage area will have more than 500 seats on spot.

Supported by, the players will have a dedicated lounge, where they can rest, train, warm up and enjoy the catering services.

Qualifying countries and quotas are as follows

    Bulgaria - 2 slots /ESL/
    Greece - 1 slot /ESL/
    Turkey - 1 slot /ESL/
    Romania - 1 slot /ESL/
    Croatia - 1 slot /ESL/
    Serbia - 1 slot /
    Balkans - 1 slot* /ESL/

    *There will be a mixed qualifier via for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, which will elect only one team for the 6 countries.

    The qualifying process starts on the 22nd of August and will end until the 14th of September.

    The grand finals will be on the 20, 21 and 22nd of September at Inter Expo Center.

    Other gaming events at ON! Fest 2013 will be separate from the Balkan League.

    More Information

    More information about the festival and the qualifiers can be found at: &


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Can it be a mix balkan team ? like from all this countries Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia into 1 tim ? for the balkans ?
Can you give me the link where to sign up but for Macedonia ?
wish luck all partc... :)
server eu west or east? :)
Asking where can i find register for the qualification for balkans on west serveR?
Where to sign up?
Would be really nice if someone added the link to where the Balkan slot teams can sign up.

Here is the url, later today we will write a news about the qualification. The players in one team can be mixed from Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, etc.
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