neXtPlease are removed from the competition!
On wednesday we saw two great EBL semifinals. maniaX won against IGG and Home Dominant lost to neXtPlease Gaming. On the next day some bad news came to our attention. Aequitas has detected, that one of the players from team neXtPlease was using wallhack during their last game against the Bulgarians.
The player is neXt`DECE. He`ll receive 12 penalty points with 2 years barrage and will be kicked from all competitions in ESL. neXtPlease Gaming will be kicked from EBL Season I immediately, which means that Home Dominant is moving to the Grand Final facing maniaX Gaming CS 1.6 on 8th of December.

Visualize Inner Shooters will be awarded with the bronze medals in the competition.

neXtPlease Gaming will be removed from all ESL competitions including Intel Extreme Masters Season IV.
755004, Friday, 27/11/09 07:33
HD [01:02] neXtPlease
Official statement from neXtPlease
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it;s so pitty to play with any cheat in competition. GJ admins :)
GG ESL ! MUIE DecE ! Asa iti trebuie MANE daca tu suferi de PRO !
ce bine fmm
:/ cum sa faci asa ceva?
Si in trecut DecE suferea pe ca le sterge accesu la aia cu wh, rusinica!
Can ESL Staff upload a demo/movie to be more concludent ? That will be very kind...

va bucurati ca niste frustrati lesinati ce sunteti, aici nu e vorba de DecE, e vorba de nextplease echipa care ne reprezinta intr-o liga , daca sunteti voi asa PRO dati dovada de bun-simt .
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Romania here we are
wtf?! weird :| GJ ESL!
Asta e riscu care si l-au asumat neXtplease! Daca eu stiam ca ma joc cu un baguit ca DecE de acasa nu il bagam la meciu respectiv. Intradevar DecE e jucator dar el care mi-a dat ban pe ca aveam wall e penal mane ! :)) Dai tu bine la lan si ti-am mai zis DecE ca tu le mai activezi de acasa, iata dovada ca nu eram nebun.
Guys this is an international site, please write your comments in English.

#6 We can`t give you exact evidence on the case. They are all confidential. If the player wants, he can upload his pov demo.
This is very weird :)
Sad ....GJ ESL, _)_ DeCe
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naspa :(
I am waitin for the female gamers of Romania to show neXt.pls what is fair play HAHAHAHA. GG :>
confidential ? LMFAO , what about RUY'S demo ?
omg! :/
nasol DECE wtf?:(
Cel mai prost e DecE asta
Pro Player ... NOT -.-
gg DECE dai cam binikesss(glumeam)!hahahahhahahha=))
pro baieti astia
the cheater shouted "cheaters, cheaters" (to HD team)...and eventually got cought... GJ to the ESL Staff !!!
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si ne-am facut inca o data de cacat in fata strainilor!
Alkazar : thanks for ur kind answer, i'm more than sure that the decision it's one hundred procent corect, however, me and hundreds of romanian players with be pleased if you will upload (with DecE help) a POV , a demo, something...

best regards
DECE 2 Stupid 2 be light :-<
Nu cred ca DecE ar puteai fii atat de prost ca sa zic,sa joace cu wall,mai ales cu aequitas on.
S-ar putea sa fie ceva la mijloc.Ar fii foarte bine daca am vedea si noi asa-zisele dovezi.
FFS ce spart
Am citit anuntul oficial.
DecE a vreut sa faca rau echipei,si a reusit.Trist,sa vedem ce echipa serioasa o sa-l primeasca.
#17 noone from team neXtPlease requested ruy`s POV demo to be uploaded and his aequitas is clear.
soz team nextplease.
Online dominant
Offline subordinate.
d necrezut :-< !.

dar totusi

sowSad :|
na$pa :<
najpalike$$$ manilor inca odata nam facut deras in fata strainilor nPPP!
clar:-j la mancat undeva si nu avea cu ce sa se scarpine:| pacat ca sunt scosi din competitie:| mare pacat
Aequitas rullz ^^
punetzi si voi un demo???
sa ne lamurim totzi?
SirNeo wrote:
Aequitas rullz ^^
I concur!
anyway, nextplease can beat hd without wall. hf
pacat , totusi el sustine ca si cealalta echipa a folosit programe ilegale si a vrut sa se razbune.

was a good player , sorry for him...

It's so dissapointing that again a romanian team is walking out with their heads down. DECE you used to be a pro.
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vai de capul nostru de romani care suntem noi romani! ma asteptam la asemenea injurii si la asemenea comentarii din partea bulgarilor... si ne mai miram de ce suntem vazuti in afara ca niste oameni de nimic :) cu totii stim cum e sa ne enervam cand ne bat niste n00Bi :) a fost, poate, un moment de slabiciune la el, in fine... putem repara asta prin rezultate mai bune la competitiile din afara :D:D:D np, dece, i se poate intampla oricui, nu cred ca ar trebui sa te lasi din cauza asta ptr ca ai potential, inca mai ai ceva de zis in gamingu` asta din RO. peace aLL
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english... ?
As I said...
"In this case it was a matter of revenge, a foolish and childish behavior from one of the best players in Romania.". A matter of revenge? Best player? Just doesn't seem right :

And please if you can't speak English, keep the comments to your self!
If you want to see Dece's demo download the HLTV demo, from :)
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