IEM5 SEA SC2 Qualifier
Here it is, the chance for the South East Asia Region to participate in the most prestigious tournament on ESL. The Intel Extreme Masters, one of the most famous world tournament offers you the chance to compete for a slot to the World Finals which will take place in Germany.
Do not hesitate to show us how the SEA Community is interested in ESL events.

ESL iEM Season5 SEA Qualifier:

Sign up now!

Sign up until 21/01/2010 23:59 (Beijing Time)
Date: Sat&Sun 22/23 January
Start: 16:00 Beijing Time
Size: Unlimited players
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: Fixed map each round (see here)
Mode: Bo1, Bo3 from quarter finals
Replays: Upload after your match
Coverage: All streams are allowed!

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your ID (e.g. Xp#123)
Click the sign up link!

See the cup information page for more details


The format is Nickname#Character code e.g. Xp#123

To find your nickname and character code, login to in-game then hover over your avatar (in the top right hand corner) OR click the friends icon and 'Add friend'.

Click here to enter your gameaccount on the ESL

More news about the streamings information will follow next week.
Xp', Friday, 14/01/11 07:31
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