1847699 vs. Kentus
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Status: closed
MatchID 27236364
Date Sunday, 23 December 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 01 January 19:11
Round Lower Round of 64 #2
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1 : 0
1847699 wins ! (Default Win)
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Welcome to the 1on1 Opening Cup

Deadline 30.12.2012 8 p.m.

The result should be recorded in the matchfunction and written additionally in the matchcomments. If the match didn't happen we will give a Def Win accordingly to the matchcomments.

!Attention! Who ever insert that the enemy didn't show up will be punished with a def lose.

If there are any problems please contact via support tickets we will solve the problem as fast as possible.

Have fun with the cup,

Halo 4 Europe Admin Team
Luis said that Kentus is offline since 17/12/2012
Proof: http://postimage.org/image/g718v4c4d/
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