ProRising vs. t o b 1
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 t o b 1
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MatchID 29893948
Date Wednesday, 02/04/14 14:00
Calculated 08/04/14 15:13
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Welcome to our monthly shootouts,

each match has to be played until the next tuesday 8PM (German Timezone). They can surely be played before if you find a matchdate with your opponent. If your opponent does not react or any issues show of you can tell us in the matchcomments.

We're wishing you a lot of fun and all the best, success and nothing less!

Your CSL, Admin Staff
Sunday 19.00?
Spielen wir das Match morgen 20.15? Da du dich ja nicht einmal zu einem Termin gemeldet hast ist das die letzte Gelegenheit wo ich spielen kann!

Edit: Gegner meldet sich weder im Matchchat, den Matchcomments oder via pm!
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