Kiezlegende vs. Xtreem
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MatchID 20980616
Date Sunday, 30 January 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 09 February 22:18
Round Round of 64
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Kiezlegende wins ! (Default Win)
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Welcome to 1on1 Fifa 11 Winter cup

Deadline: 9.2.11 19:00 !

You Should post the result into the match comments and post it also in the matchfunction!
If the match didn’t finish or was not played, only the admin will decide on basis of the match comments, who will get the Def-win. To play the game at a later time is expressly banned.
If your opponent is not present at matchdate, write a protest.
Entering opponent did not show up is strictly forbidden.

Your EU Admin Team
hi can you play tomorrow around lets say 20:00 or the day after that around 20:00?
I think so.

lets talk about it tomorrow or tuesday ;)

ICQ: 222640976
how late will you be able to play today?
about 7 or 8 o'clock ?

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are you here today?
yes, but late
about 21/22 o clock

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pff sorry mate been so tired of working these days that I forget the match all the time... Shall we play tomorrow? you can choose a time, I'm free all day long and add me on ps3 network.

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hmpf.. deadline is today, but i will add u and then we can play tomorrow..
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