Xtreem vs. 3696435
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Status: closed
MatchID 20980209
Date Monday, 10 January 19:00
Calculated Thursday, 13 January 19:43
Round Round of 256
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1 : 5
3696435 wins !
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Welcome to 1on1 Fifa 11 Winter cup

Deadline: 4 days !

You Should post the result into the match comments and post it also in the matchfunktion! IF the match didn’t finsih or was not played, only the admin will decide on basis of the match comments, who will get the Def-win. To play the game at a later time is expressly banned.

Your EU Admin Team
I will be able to play today or tomorrow around 19:00 pm if that's all right with you?
ok for 19:00
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so tomorrow Thursday the 13th at 19:00?
ok for 19:00 today
are you ready?
i'm ready
hold on busy with system update
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