Lakystyle vs. uniqqq
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Status: closed
MatchID 28578355
Date Monday, 29/07/13 16:00
Calculated 29/07/13 19:12
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50 : 46
Lakystyle wins !
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Hello participants of the Summer Cup!

Please follow the instructions given in this comment.

The weapon for this round is the SWAT-556

29.07 22pm CET

The player that is named first (left) will host the first round. Afterwards there is a host change!

All rules regarding settings etc. can be found in our

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If there are any questions, please ask in the match comments here. If you don't play within the deadline, the admins decide who will get the def win according to the match comments and only the match comments! So if your opponent doesn't join your lobby or there is a different problem, post it in here!

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Hey wann hast du Zeit?
Wann hast du den zeit ?
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Heute Abend noch?

Ne heute nicht mer, wenn es morgen nicht geht dann verlangen wir ne verlängerung weil 2 tage Deadline ist schon wenig .

Mfg Laky
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Morgen passt denke ich nicht! Dann müsste die DL schon verlängert werden.
Jo denke ich auch weil DL zu kurz ist
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