Gravity vs. RoyaL
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Status: closed
MatchID 22661897
Date Sunday, 15 May 00:00
Calculated Wednesday, 18 May 18:50
Round Round of 16
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43 : 44 Transport
RoyaL wins !
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Welcome to the COD4 Ralaunch Cups,

you have got 4 days time to play your match. The deadline is the 19. May 10 p.m.
The matchsettings are the normal 1n1 ladder hostsettings.

If you have any problems, please open a ticket.

Good luck and have fun !
Pad, CSL Admin
Hi when do you have time for the match?
which time?
At 18?
Ok 18 ^^
sry musste rechner neustarten und neuaufsetzen komme jetzt on
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