YaHooLiGaNs! eSport vs. the Pancakes
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 YaHooLiGaNs! eSport
 the Pancakes
Status: closed
MatchID 29871339
Date Monday, 19/05/14 14:00
Calculated 25/05/14 19:06
map Map1
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14 : 10
YaHooLiGaNs! eSport wins !

YaHooLiGaNs! eSport

the Pancakes

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Deadline 19.05.2014

The result should be recorded in the matchfunction and written additionally in the matchcomments. If the match didn't happen we will give a Def Win accordingly to the matchcomments.

If there are any problems please contact via support tickets we will solve the problem as fast as possible.

Have fun with the cup,
New Deadline 24.05.2104
Can we move this match on sunday 25.05.2014, because our leader is on vacation right now and he will back on sunday.
Yes, is OK
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Thank you very much it means a lot for us.
its ok for us
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