AVR.Battlefield vs. Bl4ckSheep
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Status: closed
MatchID 27317550
Date Sunday, 13 January 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 15 January 00:22
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Seine Crossing 0 : 2
Noshar Canals 0 : 2
Bl4ckSheep wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3


comments (2)
Do you have a special date where you want to play? Because deadline is this sunday 13th !

Ok since you haven´t answered me, we would like to play on
13.01.13 20:00
We´ll be hosting the Maps
Please get in touch with me or respond to this post
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AVR Iron Wolf send me a message that they won´t play the battle at 20:00pm the time to set the wildcard ist already over so if they don´t come we´ll definitly get the Default Win.
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