TN3 UNITS vs. Bl4ckSheep
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 6.  10.

Status: closed
MatchID 27317498
Date Sunday, 02 December 20:00
Calculated Monday, 03 December 01:13
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Caspian Border 0 : 2
Seine Crossing 0 : 2
Bl4ckSheep wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 02 December 22:27
Round 1*
326 kB, Sunday, 02 December 22:27, by 7009771 (BS)
Sunday, 02 December 22:29
Round 2 - B4L - B4L ThoiaThong*
340 kB, Sunday, 02 December 22:29, by 7009771 (BS)
Sunday, 02 December 22:29
Round 3 - B4L - B4L ThoiaThong*
322 kB, Sunday, 02 December 22:29, by 7009771 (BS)
Sunday, 02 December 22:29
Round 4 - B4L - B4L ThoiaThong*
319 kB, Sunday, 02 December 22:29, by 7009771 (BS)
* No longer available


comments (7)
I hope you are ready because we´ll put up some fight! ;) Wich one is your leader so I can add you?
Hi, i'm the leader of TN3 UNITS.
We have problem to play today.
If it is possible to play tomorrow night (h21.30)?

I have speak with B4L ThoiaThong in chatlog to play tomorrow night.
So we will meet tomorrow night.
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No ! I already said that tomorrow night is NOT possible the match is today at 20:00pm if you can´t play that´s not our problem! The date has been clear for more than 2 weeks!

Otherwise we will get a Default win wich is the worst case.
Be quiet thoia... be quiet...

Is it possible to play in your server?
Do you have choose your map?

We haven't our wrver on battlefield3 in this moment.
So, if there aren't problems we can use tha server of the opposite team.
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are u kidding me? Look at the information there you´ll be finding the maps we have to play dude! Yes we can use our server So we can play TODAY AT 20pm or TODAY at 21:30 as you like. How would you prefer?
we will play on time at 19.00 the hour of the macht
We haven't time to organize for antother time now
the time for the match is 20:00
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