Minimum age restrictions for players who want to participate in the tournament: 18 years old for Germany, Russia, South Korea. 17 years old for Japan. 16 years old for other eligible countries. Admins may ask for proof of age in order to accept participation of the player.
If you have problems with signing up for the tournament, please read our guide, which you can find by clicking on: THIS LINK!


The APEX LEGENDS PRESEASON INVITATIONAL is the first official EA and Respawn organized competition. 80 of the best Apex Legends teams in the world will travel to Krakow, Poland in September to compete in a double-elimination bracket, with all teams beginning in the winners bracket. Each round a team’s performance will determine whether they advance through the winners bracket or fall to the losers bracket. The added pressure of the losers bracket will be intense, as a poor placing there will result in the team being eliminated from the competition. After the double-elimination bracket, the top 20 teams will compete in the Finals for their share of the $500,000 prize pool, with the Champion Squad taking home over $100,000 to be split amongst the players on the team.

Teams that have not received a direct invitation may apply for an invite by emailing ApexLe[email protected] and including their Origin ID and associated email address.

The Official Rules for the Event can be found here:

Prize pool

Place Prizes
medal_gold_3.png1. $105,000
medal_silver_3.png2. $75,000
medal_bronze_3.png3. $60,000
medal_grey.png4. $48,000
medal_grey.png5. $39,000
medal_grey.png6. $30,000
medal_grey.png7. $24,000
medal_grey.png8. $18,000
medal_grey.png9. $15,000
medal_grey.png10. $12,000
medal_grey.png11. $9,000
medal_grey.png12. $8,400
medal_grey.png13. $7,800
medal_grey.png14. $7,200
medal_grey.png15. $6,600
medal_grey.png16. $6,000