UPDATE: SHA-2 Code Signing live
At the end of 2016 Microsoft will drop support for SHA-1 certificates, thus we'll need to switch ESL Anticheat to the SHA-2 standard. Later versions of Windows (8.1 & 10) already support SHA-2 per default, however if you're running Windows 7 you will need to have the latest updates installed.

UPDATE: SHA-2 switch done!

We've switched to SHA-2 Code Signing on 09.03.2016 12:00 CET. If you encounter any issues please make sure you have the necessary updates installed, for details check the information below. If you still encounter issues after updating please let us know in the comments or in our forums

How to enable SHA-2 support

If you are running Windows 7 you'll need to install the Microsoft Security Advisory 3033929 to make your system support SHA-2 Code Signing.

You might need to install additional Windows 7 Security updates before being able to apply the SHA-2 patch. The easiest solution is to simply install all Windows 7 updates available through the Windows update function!

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 do not require this update because SHA-2 signing and verification functionality is already included in these operating systems.

You can find a detailed Microsoft timeline for the end of SHA-1 certificate here.

We advise you to always have the latest updates for your system installed!

Your direct connection to the developer team

Of course, we also want to remind you of the contact address we created. You think you've encountered a cheat we're not detecting? You know an exploit to bypass ESL Anticheat? Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we are highly appreciative of every feedback we receive: anticheat@eslgaming.com
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