ESL One New York NA Open Qualifier
Today we announce the details of the NA Open Qualifier, where four teams will get the chance to check the first steps off their checklist to an ESL One New York victory.

Information about the Open Qualifiers

The ESL One New York Open Qualifier is an open and free to join tournament, where teams will fight for 1 of the 4 slots available on the North American qualifiers for the ESL One NY Main Qualifiers. The qualifiers will be held on 2 days: games until RO 16 will be held on Saturday, and the remaining games will be held on the next Sunday starting 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT.

All the games until RO 16 are Best of One, and the games from RO 16 to the finals are Best of Three.

Sign-up links, dates and rules can be found below.

ESL One New York NA Open Qualifier

ESL One NY 2015 NA Open Qualifier

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM EDT)
Check-in is required to participate in the cup
Date: Saturday, August 29th
Start: 3:00 pm EDT
Late Sign-up: 2:50 pm to 3 pm EDT
Size: Unlimited
Structure: Single Elimination
Rules & Members

Sign up / Check-in

A Sign up is nothing more than a reservation. If you only Sign up to the tournament but don't use the Check-in you won't get a slot in the tournament.

The Check-in confirms your presence in the tournament and will get you a slot when the matches are created. Find the check-in hour for your cup on the cups information page. If you fail to check-in, you will be able to sign-up again using the late sign-up feature.

The Check-in time starts at 2:30 PM EDT and lasts until 2:50 PM EDT after that you can straight sign up with the Late-Sign-Up feature.

Late Sign-up

The Late Sign-up takes place after the Check-in phase, and lasts until the cup start time. This phase works like the sign-up, with the difference that you will not need to check-in again. Note that if the cup has a limited amount of teams, late sign-ups may not be accepted.

How to communicate with my opponent?

Once the bracket and matches were created you can find your match and opponent when you click on "bracket". Here is an example of how it will look like. When you click on the "vs" it will lead you to your Match Sheet (see picture below).

In this window you can post comments and see who your opponent is. You can communicate with your opponent by accessing the match chat, which is generated once the match has been created. You can also open the Match chat when you click "Matches" in the bottom right.

Match Setup

Here you can enter the result of your match. Once a player has entered the result the other player needs to confirm it. Please always confirm if the result is correct. You save the Admins a lot of work this way and help the tournament to progress faster.

- In case the opponent has entered a wrong result, click on the protest button found at the bottom of the match setup page and create a protest.
- Opponent still doesn't confirm the result after 10 minutes, also open a protest ticket.
*In both cases please include screenshots/photos from the result screen to prove that you won.

Upload match media

Here you can upload screenshots/photos which will be used by the Admins to advance the winner of a match.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask them in the comments.

Good luck and have fun in the tournament!

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